The Perfect Barbecue

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When planning a barbecue a few things are to be considered. What food and sidedishes should you prepare? Which seating arrangements should be taken cared about. This article gives you all the essentials.

Outdoor grilling is one of the favorite pastimes of Americans in the summer. Most can not wait until the barbecue season starts. The market also has responded to this boom, and we beginning in springtime you could find many special products for grilling meals.

The right environment.
In the summer relatives and friends will also be invited to a barbecue in the garden. In order for this to succeed, however, there are a few things to be considerd. First the right place for the barbecue is to be found.

Late barbecues.
Most of the time barbecueing takes place in a garden or a park, so it is important to keep an eye on the weather. It is therefore advisable not to plan a barbecue party in the long term. When beautiful weather is in sight for the weekend, invite your guests as quickly as possible. It would be unfortunate if the long-planned barbecue party would literally fall into the water, and all preparations were in vain.

How many guests?
If the number of guests is known, you must consider how to create the appropriate seating. If you are expecting a very large number of guests, think about renting tables and benches from a local catering service.

What kind of foods?
After the place and seating arrangements for your outdoor grilling event are taken cared of it is time to get the essential foods. You should estimate approximately how much grilled food is needed for your barbeque.

Popular food in larger, specialties in smaller quantities.
Sausages are generally very popular, so you should have these in stock in sufficient quantities. Exceptional dishes, such as fish and other specialties, should not be bought in large quantities, as otherwise you may be left with large quantities of perishable food. Meat should possibly be marinated the day before, so it can really infuse well.

Do not forget the supplements!
Essential for a nice outdoor grilling are also the side dishes, such as bread and salads. The best choice will be salads, which you can prepare well in advance, so that on the day of the barbecue you have your head free for your guests. Many salads taste even better if they have a day to infuse. When you serve bread use white ‘baguette’ bread, which you can get at the bakery. As a further supplement to your meat and sausages you can also prepare baked potatoes.

Dips – Sauces
In any case, dips and sauces are a must, plus mustard and ketchup. In your preparation you should also ask yourself if any of your guests is a vegetarian. If so, make shure to have at least one vegetarian salad and dip.

Drinks – Lightning
Of course, you should also include the appropriate drinks to a barbecue. By no means forget to have enough beer available. If you plan to celebrate into the night, you should also think about the lightning. Particularly impressive is the atmosphere of garden torches and colorful garlands.

Inform your neighbors
To avoid any trouble with your neighbors or the police, you should inform the neighbors one to two days before the party if you are anticipating that it will be a little louder. If you do not live in a densely populated residential area you are lucky.

Charcoal grill, lighter – Co.:
Before the party starts you should ensure that enough charcoal and fire lighters are available. If you are using a gas grill you should eventually hold a second gas cylinder in reserve. It is also essential to think about security, for example, that all combustible materials are removed from the area of the barbecue. Also an extinguishing agent should always be ready.

Alternative date for long-term planning
You should also think of an alternative date should it rain on your planned day after all. If you are well prepared your camping grilling party will be a big success.

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