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Fastest Tomato and Garlic Pasta

You need a pressure cooker for this! Turn gas on, put pot onto it, crush some garlic, dump it into the pot, add some olive oil, let it fry gently for a minute or so, add chopped tomatoes, some chopped BASIL leaves, maybe some chily peppers, and some concentrated tomato paste and some salt. Add […]

Indian Chicken

This is my attempt at an Indian Style Chicken. It isn’t a recipe as such, it is just how I cooked some chicken and it came out so delicious that I have to write it here so next time I want to cook some chicken this post will remind me of a way I like. […]

Pork Chops with Tomatoes, Mediterranean Style.

This is my own recipe, it has evolved over many years of cooking recipes which include the same ingredient, that’s why I call it “Mediterranean Style”, it is because it incorporates many mediterranean flavours such us TOMATOES, CAPERS, GARLIC, CHILI PEPPERS/SWEET TURKISH PEPPERS, OREGANO, maybe OLIVES. There isn’t a set way to prepare this dish […]

Funny Food Quotes

According to me, a good laugh is very important to health. Infact, the top three ways to stay healthy is eating green food, exercise and laughter. There are many advantages of laughter, it improves state of our mind, it also helps us in increasing our energy level.

Making The Perfect Pot(s) Of Tea

Making the “perfect pot of tea” doesn’t have to be done by a tea-making master.

How to Cook Bratwurst

Bratwurst is a special type of sausage that is made from finely chopped beef, pork or veal. To know the easy ways of cooking bratwurst, it is best to follow the steps in recipes that use bratwurst as a key ingredient.

How to Cook Chuck Steak

Chuck steak is a beef cut that can be used to enhance the flavor and taste of special dishes. By following the simple instructions in steak recipes, anyone can easily learn how to cook chuck steak.

How to Make Sushi

Sushi is a very popular and tasty Japanese delicacy. To learn how to make sushi, it is important the different kinds of sushi as well as various recipes like the Dragon Roll and the Maki Roll. Sushi is one of the most popular, tasty and enticing dishes that originated in Japan. Aside from the attractive […]

The Perfect Barbecue

When planning a barbecue a few things are to be considered. What food and sidedishes should you prepare? Which seating arrangements should be taken cared about. This article gives you all the essentials. Outdoor grilling is one of the favorite pastimes of Americans in the summer. Most can not wait until the barbecue season starts. […]

Culinary Terms And Words – Letter A

A Chefs Help Agar-agar A setting agent prepared from seaweed and used in jellies and cold soufflés, when animal extracts like gelatine are prohibited (eg. in a vegetarian diet). Also used pharmaceutically. Aigrette A batter savoury, the best known being cheese and anchovy. Cheese aigrettes are choux pastry with cheese added, dropped into deep fat […]